Interim Musical Director

Kenny Williams

I have been singing with the South Hills Chapter since 1980.    In 1970 the chapter sponsored a high school quartet contest which my sister entered with her friends.  I was inspired by that and the fact that my parents took me to a McKeesport Barbershop show when I was 10.  After graduating from Capital University in Columbus with a degree in music education (and not getting a job) I started singing with South Hills while cutting wood and hammering nails.  Whistling while working was only partially fulfilling.  I needed 4 part a’ccapella.  I have sung in several quartets and competed with two; I sang baritone with Pittsburgh's Treblemakers and sang lead with Tones of Fun.  I also sang tenor with the Travelers but didn't compete.
         I enjoy helping other men learn to sing and love hearing and seeing the progress they make.  The team effort, whether a chorus or quartet, is like synchronized swimming for the ears.  What a feeling to ring a chord knowing that you were part of the product.  And the smile on the faces of the audiences we sing for is priceless.
      On a personal note (after 42 years of singing) I have a wife, Maureen, who has stood beside me through all the rehearsals and show.  I also have two married children, Randy and Kelly and two grandchildren.  My home is in Bethel Park, my wife is from Bethel, my church is here and our Keystone Chorus is here.  My love goes to God, family and community.
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