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Ken Dobbins

Member, Bass

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  • Office(s): Treasurer
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  • I grew up in Hopewell Township (near Aliquippa)
    I attended Michigan State U and am now living in Mt. Lebanon.
    I am a retired computer programmer.  I joined the chorus in 1999. “I had heard barbershop a few times in places like Disney World, and First Night and found it fascinating.” I found the chorus on the SPEBSQSA (now Barbershop Harmony Society) website. Before joining the chorus, my only group singing experience was the Catholic grade school boys’ choir, 35 years prior. I have played guitar on and off for years and am still a novice at best, and sometimes sing along when I play.  Since joining the chorus, my wife and I joined our church choir.
       Other than playing guitar, I jog, and enjoy most strategy games, such as chess, backgammon, and bridge.I’m also a closet mathematician.  If you ever want to be bored to tears, ask me about Pythagoras and the physics of barbershop harmony.