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Carole Panno


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  • Office(s): Public Relations
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  • Carole Panno officially became active with the South Hills Keystone Chorus when she was elected as a board-member-at-large, with her term beginning in January of 2018. Prior to that, for more than a year, Panno was helping the group with general performance and choreography and also served as the stage manager for the chorus’ November 2017 show. Apart from the Keystone Chorus, Panno has worked in the field of fundraising for over 26 years, working at Carnegie Mellon for nearly 25. Both professionally and through her volunteerism, Panno has managed boards and volunteers, planned fundraising events and stewardship activities, managed both staff and programs, and solicited individual gifts at all levels, including contributions of $250,000 or more. Panno also taught dance of various varieties and to all ages for nearly 30 years and also taught professional speaking to graduate students at Carnegie Mellon for several semesters.