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Stan Kleja

Member, Lead

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  • Office(s): Immediate Past President
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    Hey there!  My name is Stan Kleja and I'm from Upper St. Clair.

    I've been a Barbershopper since 2003.  I love to sing, and I also sing with my church choir.  Performing for audiences is my passion along with wine and woodworking.  Just not at the same time.   ????

    Yes, most of our chorus is made up of regular guys who just like to sing and enjoy our time together.  Every rehearsal and performance is full of laughing and smiling as well as singing.  

    In addition to singing with The Keystone Chorus, I have sung with other chapters in Pittsburgh, I attend district events, a national event called Harmony University and several Extreme Quartetting Brigades across the country.  This has given me the opportunity to sing with people from all over the world.  

    And note, that I am not a trained singer or musician, just someone who loves to sing and is willing to learn.  My hope is that I get to sing with YOU someday.  

    Come check us out!