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Bill Smith

Member, Tenor

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  • I have been singing my whole life.  I first sang in the Boy’s Choir at St. Thomas More Church, while I was in elementary school there.  During high school and college, I took a break and when I began working a good friend of mine, Bill Ryan, who was then the Music Minister at St. Thomas More asked me to be part of the St. Thomas More Adult Choir.  I have been singing with them ever since and alternating been Tenor and Bass depending on the need at the time.  I’m also a Cantor for Mass at St. Thomas More.  In about 1979, my good friend, Don Mills, got me involved in Barbershop with the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter which then met in Swissvale.  From there we moved on to the North Hills Harmony Line Singers and in 1990 or 1991 I became a member of our South Hills Chapter and have been here ever since!
    I began here as a Lead and now have moved to Tenor because we have so few Tenors in our group.  I also serve as Music Vice President and Assistant Director.  It has been great these last few months seeing our chorus grow and adding new members.  I love the camaraderie among the group and the chance to help new singers improve and grow in their skills.
    I recently retired from the US Post Office where I was employed since 1986 and it is great being retired!  I now have much more time to do the things I could never do before.   My wife, Lorraine, and I have been married for 30 years – and yes, we were married at St. Thomas More Church, because I worked there and sang there, and Lorraine was, and still is, the Administrative Assistant.  You might say St. Thomas More has played an important part in our lives.  We live in Georgetown Estates in Lawrence, PA with our “dog daughter”, Lexi Leigh.