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Mr Bob Seeger

Member, Lead

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  • Office(s): VP of Membership
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  • Bob first heard about the Keystone Chorus from a mailing that came to his house. In it was an invitation to come out and try it for three weeks. He decided to go. He was welcomed with open arms.
     Bob's background in singing was limited to singing in church and on his own at home. He didn’t know how to read music. He can’t tell you how many guys have helped him over the past year. Some of the music is challenging, but the end result is always worth the work.
    The camaraderie between the singers is palpable, and the sing outs (performances at nursing homes, private parties, etc.) are so much fun. Bob looks forward to each Tuesday evening together with the guys – to sing, laugh, and enjoy fellowship. It always lifts his spirit. He has learned a lot in a year (since joining in the spring of 2016) and he looks forward to more years with the group – singing and learning. Bob is so glad he joined.
    About Bob: Bob was born and raised in Pittsburgh, growing up in Wilkinsburg. he currently lives in Crafton, with his wife, Carole, and their cat Midnight. Bob has been working at St. James School and Church in Wilkinsburg, PA for over 30 years. In addition to singing, Bob loves all Pittsburgh Sports, including the Pitt Panthers (Pitt is his alma mater), cooking, antiques, history, and enjoying the outdoors – whether grilling, fishing, walking/hiking, or cutting grass – as long as he is out in the fresh air/great outdoors!